We are a niche set of Chambers with a leading reputation in civil and criminal asset recovery and financial wrongdoing. Our work is a mix of onshore and offshore advice and litigation, across almost all common law jurisdictions with vast experience in the Caribbean and India in particular.

Asset Recovery

Our Work

The Number 1 Set for POCA and Asset Recovery  - “For restraint and confiscation matters, no other set has the breadth of experience available under one roof“  (Chambers and Partners 2014)

Civil Recovery - Unrivalled experience in proceedings pursuant to Part V PoCA.

Criminal Asset Recovery - On behalf of individuals, companies, specialist prosecuting authorities including the SFO, BIS, CPS, receivers, third parties and foreign requesting states.

Sovereign Asset Recovery - Advice and assistance to Foreign Governments, Sovereign Wealth Funds and International Public Bodies.


R v May, Jennings and Green  (House of Lords) - probably the most important series of PoCA 2002 cases.

Gale and Ors. v SOCA (SC) - Civil recovery under PoCA and the utility of foreign convictions.

King v SFO (SC) Enforcement of foreign Restraint Orders.

Ahmed and Ahmad (SC) Benefit in Carousel Fraud Cases.

Glatt v Sinclair (CA Civ.) Leading case on Receivers' costs.

Egyptian Government Asset Recovery Claim - Advice on the restraint and confiscation and forfeiture of stolen sovereign wealth. 


Civil Fraud


Our Work

Commercial Litigation - Complex commercial and financial wrongdoing disputes.

Urgent Relief  and Interlocutory Remedies  - Including worldwide freezing and disclosure. 

Enforcement - Foreign judgments, arbitral awards and advice on overseas recovery.

Tax Liability Settlements - Civil settlements in lieu of criminal prosecution for tax avoidance. 



Caribbean Oil Company -  Action against a bank authorising fund clearances following a hostile takeover by ousted directors.

HMRC v Sunico A/S and others - Allegations of participation in Europen-wide unlawful means conspiracy.

Amital v HMRC - Allegation of constructive knowledge and participation in fraudulent transactions.

Receivers of a Cayman Island Segregated Portfolio Company - Unlawful means conspiracy, breach of contract and dishonest assistance of £100m 


Financial Wrongdoing

Our Work

"An Impressive Reputation in the Fraud Sphere" (Chambers and Partners 2013/14)

Sanctions and Restrictive Measures - Advice on specific transactions, list removals, licensing and enforcement actions.

Fraud - Acting in major money laundering, MTIC, lending fraud and direct taxation fraud cases.

Mutual Legal Assistance - Requests to register and enforce foreign forfeiture orders (acting externals and internals).



Operation Hornet  - Advising Attorney General on prosecution and trial of bankers at leading financial institutions for corruption, money laundering and fraudulent trading.

Garnet Investments Ltd v Guernsey Financial Intelligence Service  - Obtaining and justifying consents to transfer funds which the Financial Intelligence Service had refused to permit.

Operation Vaulter  - Several defendants in MTIC fraud involving contra-trading and offshore operations in Dubai.

Professional Discipline & Regulatory

Our Work

Accountancy Bodies - Regulatory prosecutions on behalf of financial professional institutions.

Regulatory Criminal Proceedings - Representing human and corporate defendants and individuals in criminal enforcement proceedings.

Disciplinary Tribunals - As panel members, chairmanship or  on behalf of respondent parties.

Compliance - Advising domestic and multinational companies and financial institutions under the PoCA 2002, Bribery Act and Restrictive Measures regimes.


TDB v DA - Prosecution of Hong Kong CIOT Fellow upon allegations of multi-million HK$/AUD$/€ misappropriation from a series of clients in Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia.

Sports Advisory - Professional Cricketers' Association and the League Managers' Association.

Scottish and Southern Electricity - Proceedings brought by Trading Standards for mis-selling practices.

Bar Council - Designing and delivering training for the Bar in respect of money laundering issues relating to direct access instructions.


Our Work

Internal Conduct  - Advising investigative bodies, individuals and corporate entities in national and international investigations.

Investigatory Powers - Review of search,  seizure, production and other intrusions including urgent injunctions.

Disclosure - Advising financial institutions and others on making protected and authorised disclosures to regulatory bodies.

HMRC/FCA/SFO Investigations - Appointment as independent counsel in internal investigations by victim companies.

Legal Professional Privilege – Acting as independent counsel in LPP reviews.




R (on the application of El-Kurd) v Winchester Crown Court - Power of Crown Court to order retention of material seized pursuant to unlawful search warrant.

Ribble,Yewtree, Weeting and
Elveden - Acting as independent counsel in major metropolitan police Operations including 

S Limited - Investigation into suspected breaches of the UN Oil for Food Programme.

EU Technology Company -Advice on corrupt misfeasance by company officer and strategy in French employment claim.

A Healthcare Company  - Advice on money laundering and corruption liabilities and reporting from contract kick-backs.

Bribery & Corruption

Our Work

"Small Strong and High Quality Specialist Set"  (Chambers and Partners 2013/14)

Internal advice - Review and stress testing internal controls, corporate policy and adequate measures. 

Civil claims - On behalf of corporate victims of corruption including disgorgement, injunctive relief and damages.

Criminal defence - Advising and acting for companies and individuals on UK Bribery Act Liabilities and FCPA exposure.

Self-reporting - Advising and representing firms on their approaches to UK regulators including anonymised scoping.

Asset Recovery - seeking civil recovery settlements in lieu of criminal proceedings. 


Innospec - Acting for the SFO in ground-breaking case in which the criminal matters relating to corruption in Indonesia were dealt with on the same day in the UK and US Courts.

Operation Aristo  - Allegations of corruption arising from bribery of company seeking contract from the UN.

Turks and Caicos Islands (Missick and Others) -Investigation, prosecution and defence of individuals on charges of bribery and corruption in Turks & Caicos following a Commission of Inquiry.

A Major Accountancy Firm - Negotiations with the SFO relating to the bribery of foreign public officials by a third party.