We are a niche set of Chambers with a leading reputation in civil and criminal asset recovery and financial wrongdoing. Our work is a mix of onshore and offshore advice and litigation, across almost all common law jurisdictions with vast experience in the Caribbean and India in particular.

Bribery & Corruption

Our Work

Internal advice - Review and stress testing internal controls, corporate policy and adequate measures. 

Civil claims - On behalf of corporate victims of corruption including disgorgement, injunctive relief and damages.

Criminal defence - Advising and acting for companies and individuals on UK Bribery Act Liabilities and FCPA exposure.

Self-reporting - Advising and representing firms on their approaches to UK regulators including anonymised scoping.

Asset Recovery - seeking civil recovery settlements in lieu of criminal proceedings. 

Sample Cases

SFO - Represent SFO or those investigated in Tesco, Airbus, Glaxo, JJB and others.

Innospec - Acting for the SFO and one defendant in ground-breaking case in which the criminal matters relating to corruption in Indonesia were dealt with on the same day in the UK and US Courts.

Operation Aristo  - Allegations of corruption arising from bribery of company seeking contract from the UN.

Turks and Caicos Islands (Missick and Others) -Investigation, prosecution and defence of individuals on charges of bribery and corruption in Turks & Caicos following a Commission of Inquiry.

A Major Accountancy Firm - Negotiations with the SFO relating to the bribery of foreign public officials by a third party.