Our Work

We provide specialist expertise in all areas of suspected commercial wrongdoing including civil fraud, asset recovery and financial crime.

We create legal solutions for commercial organisations and individual clients, large and small as well as the public sector. Members of Chambers act as advisors and advocates, nationally and internationally.

Our practice areas range from civil dishonesty to the cutting edge measures implemented to tackle organised crime and terrorist financing.

Chambers has an unrivalled, proven track record at its foundation. We are acknowledged leaders in our field, justified by our experience, knowledge and commercial sense.

Our Members include the authors of the two leading texts on confiscation and asset forfeiture: ‘Mitchell, Taylor and Talbot’ and ‘Criminal Confiscation and Civil Recovery’. Members also contribute to ‘Archbold’ (the Money Laundering Chapter), ‘Corporate Criminal Liability’, ‘The White Book’ and ‘Administrative Court Practice and Procedure’