Bar Nursery Association Success

The Bar Council announced today the launch of the new Bar Nursery

Fiona Jackson, Chair of the Bar Council's sub-committee leading the work on this project for the last three years, commented:

"This is the culmination of years of hard work by the Bar Nursery Association and others, and recently the Bar Council, to bring this initiative to fruition. Flexible childcare opportunities to assist women and men to combine a successful career at the Bar with their family responsibilities must be a good thing, especially since barristers go on to serve the public further by forming the significant majority of appointments to the rank of Queen's Counsel and the judiciary. I hope that this Nursery goes some way at least to improving retention, and our committee will now work to plug similar childcare gaps nationwide and pursue linked retention initiatives. I encourage barristers and their staff based in London to make use of this facility, which also provides emergency childcare for parents with a care provision issue or who are booked for court in central London unexpectedly."

See here for the press release: