Fiona Jackson speaks at Westminster Legal Policy Forum, 22nd May 2012

Fiona Jackson spoke today at a seminar on Access to the legal profession, and reforming legal education and training - regulation, diversity and competitiveness, joining Ministers, MPs, the senior judiciary, and other legal professionals and journalists to consider the Legal Education and Training Review and its wider implications for recruitment and retention at the Bar and across the legal profession. 

Speaking as part of a panel chaired by Baroness Deech, Chair of the Bar Standards Board, Fiona addressed issues including the extent to which diversity and inclusivity at the Bar has improved in recent years; in what sectors of the profession the most significant problems persist; and whether the Legal Services Board’s statutory guidance requiring regulators, law firms and chambers to measure levels of diversity and social mobility will help promote transparency in this area.

Fiona is a Vice-President and former Chairwoman of the Association of Women Barristers; Chairwoman of the 2009 Bar Conference “Access to Justice – Justice for All?”; and a frequent speaker on equality and diversity issues within the legal profession.”