Mediation: a Key Aspect of Dispute Resolution

By incase

By incase

Mediation is the most effective way of settling disputes.  It is never too early or too late in a dispute to consider it as a viable alternative.

At 33 Chancery Lane we offer comprehensive mediation services – as mediators or representatives. More than that, mediation is an option which is available through direct access: clients can use the assistance of a solicitor or not.

The experience, advocacy and preparatory skills we bring to all stages of litigation are equally valued in dispute resolution. Linda Saunt, for one, is an experienced, qualified commercial and family mediator, accredited by ADR Group.  She runs standard model commercial mediations but also draws on her family mediation to offer a more flexible approach to dispute resolution.  This broader approach makes Linda ideally suited to mediate property, company, partnership and civil recovery disputes.

With our expertise in all areas of suspected financial and commercial wrongdoing we have an informed approach to the mediation process.  Our Barristers are quickly able to assess the strengths and weaknesses of a case and also understand the commercial intricacies to be considered in reaching an agreement.

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