Mark Rainsford QC and Faisal Osman Deliver Expert Assistance, Abuja, Nigeria

The programme was hosted by the Commonwealth Secretariat in collaboration with the office of the Attorney-General of the Federation, Nigeria.

It set out to enhance the capacity of investigators and prosecutors to effectively investigate and prosecute terrorism related cases as well as money laundering and financing of terrorism and assets recovery. The programme comprised procedural and cross cutting issues such as international cooperation and witness protection in the investigation and prosecution of serious crimes.

Mark Rainsford QC and Faisal Osman presided over a moot trial, based on a case scenario spanning from investigation stages to the application of asset freezing order using powers contained in the Nigerian Proceeds of Crime Bill.

The workshop followed the Commonwealth Secretariat's and UNODC counter-terrorism workshop for Judges of Nigeria Federal High Court on 9-12 October 2012 in London. Following which the Secretariat remarked:

Please permit me to express, on behalf of the Commonwealth Secretariat, our heartfelt appreciation for taking time out of your busy schedule to share your experience with the visiting Judges on some salient issues in criminal justice practice. There was a huge acknowledgement of the impact of your contribution by all the participating judges.

To us in the Secretariat and our partner, the UNODC, your presentation contributed in no small measure to the success of the whole programme and in fact formed one of the most valuable and important outcomes of the workshop.