POCA Confiscation Case Law Compendium

Chambers' case law update, produced by Linda Saunt, is a detailed 60+ page run through of all of the important proceeds of crime act cases in the last 2 years.

It is essential reading for every POCA practitioner and gives an excellent insight into Chambers' wealth of knowledge and experience.


This paper is a detailed update on the jurisprudence affecting the proceeds of crime during 2008/2010.

The paper is in five parts:

(1) Benefit Assessment Page,

(2) Recoverable Amount Page 22

(3) General Page 24  

(4) Money Laundering Page 26

(5) Abuse of Process Page 35

(6) Restraint Orders Page 47

(7) Variation of Confiscation Orders Page 59..."

Download the complete document here