33 Chancery Lane Statement on VHCC Cases

The LAA has distributed a list of Barristers who are currently permitted to undertake VHCC cases and have not returned an existing VHCC case (whether they are instructed in such a case or not).  

For the avoidance of doubt no Barrister at the Chambers of Andrew Mitchell QC will accept any VHCC case subject to the reductions laid in SI 2013 No. 2804.

Any suggestion that members of our Chambers are undertaking and willing to accept instructions in contracts offered at the new, seriously-reduced VHCC rates is wrong. 

Each of those members on the list takes the view that these rates are not reasonable remuneration for this type of serious casework and to reflect the expertise of our members.  

We ask that solicitors do not contact us to invite us to accept new briefs at the new rates, or to accept a brief returned from another member of the Bar because of these reduced rates, for our members will not do so.

A small number of members remain instructed and committed to our clients in significant VHCC cases which are not subject to the new reduced rates and which have been listed for trial.