Amanda Pinto QC speaks at the IBA Annual Conference in Washington

Amanda Pinto QC speaks today at the SPPI Showcase session -  "the USA's long arm of justice and what it means to the world" - of the IBA Annual Conference in Washington.

Chaired by Jonathan Grimes (Kingsley Napley) and including additional speakers from the Department of Justice (Washington), Morrison & Foerster LLP (Washington), Miller Thomson LLP (Toronto) and Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan (Zurich) the session description is:

The US appears to be continuing to extend its jurisdiction far beyond its own shores, with recent high profile examples including LIBOR and FIFA, and some long-standing controversies, such as Guantanamo.
By reference to these and other examples, we will discuss why and how the US seeks to enforce its extraterritorial jurisdiction.
• Is there a public interest that supports such interventions, for example in the case of FIFA and why is the USA apparently leading the way?
• In relation to the global financial markets, is it right that countries can extend their jurisdiction and what are the objections? Are such objections valid?
• How far is this extension of the U.S.A’s extraterritorial jurisdiction inspiring other countries to extend their own jurisdiction?
• Have there been, or might there be, any examples where these attempts to expand extraterritorial jurisdiction will or should be curtailed?

See for the full conference schedule.