Ian Smith Releases Commercial Fraud Book

Commercial Fraud: A Legal Guide to Justice for Victims of Fraud

by Ian Smith and David Shepherd, published September 2017


Ian Smith, barrister, is the lead author of this newly published legal guide priced £34.99 and available at:


The guide is aimed at owners and managers of small to medium sized enterprises, as well as in-house lawyers and officers in large corporations.

Lawyers, investigators, police officers and prosecutors should also find the guide useful, including those outside England and Wales.

The guide provides gives expert legal and practical guidance on the options for victims of commercial fraud, including:

  • Justice options

  • Investigations

  • Choosing, using and paying for lawyers

  • Navigating the civil and criminal justice systems

  • Making financial recoveries

  • International cases and enforcement


    Ian Smith is a barrister (England and Wales). He is recognised as an expert in representing victims of fraud in the civil and criminal courts. He advises businesses and individuals on their options for making financial recoveries after fraud, in domestic and international cases.

    David Shepherd is an academic researcher who was previously a director of a company which suffered fraud and successfully obtained justice through the civil and criminal courts (the latter prosecuted by the Serious Fraud Office).