Keith Mitchell defends City Solicitor

‘Following a review of the evidence submitted, the Crown Prosecution Service chose to offer no evidence at the Guildford Crown Court against Tony Guise in respect of three counts of fraud that he faced.  On 17 November 2017, not guilty verdicts were entered in respect of each count. Guise said he was pleased the proceedings had been brought to a conclusion.  

Mr Guise thanked his family, friends and professional colleagues for their constant support and applauded the hard work of his legal team of Richard Cornthwaite of Garstangs Cartwright King, instructing Keith Mitchell of 33 Chancery Lane’.  

Tony Guise, former chairman of the Commercial Litigation Association (CLAN) and a member of the Law Society civil justice committee, faced fraud charges relating to a commercial dispute involving his former role with the association. The organisation makes representations on behalf of its members, organises events, and provides opportunities for networking. CLAN engages in commercial activities through CLAN Commercial Services Ltd. 

A Law Society spokesperson said: ‘Behaving ethically is at the heart of what it means to be a solicitor. Law Society members are expected to maintain the highest professional standards of conduct.'

‘If a solicitor is convicted of a serious criminal charge they will be struck off and no longer be able to act as a solicitor and clearly would have no place at the Law Society.'

He vigorously denied any wrongdoing.

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