Kennedy Talbot representing Eric Moss - Court of Appeal Judgment - Confiscation and Costs Orders Quashed

Judgment handed down by Court of Appeal in relation to Eric Moss, a farmer convicted of three record keeping offences and one offence of failing to dispose of a cow’s carcass.

Mr Justice Sweeney overturned the confiscation order and ruled that the court procedure followed in Moss's case was seriously flawed.

He said:

"It is not possible for us to say what the result would have been if the various undoubted flaws had been avoided."

Confiscation and costs orders had been made in the lower court in the total of £91,000.00. Appeal allowed on the basis that there was no proper basis upon which to conclude that a criminal lifestyle was proved. Confiscation and costs orders quashed, no re-hearing in the lower court and the appellant's costs in the crown court confiscation proceedings to be the subject to further submissions.

Judgment here: