Sentences handed down in Operation Adobe - Alistair Webster Q.C. & Fiona Jackson prosecuting for SFO

At Liverpool Crown Court on the 2nd October, sentences were handed down on 6 defendants who had all been convicted after a prosecution brought by the Serious Fraud Office, led by Alistair Webster Q.C.  Following a four and a half month trial, the men were convicted of conspiracy to commit fraud.  The convictions were the culmination of a 4 year investigation on which Alistair & Fiona have been engaged throughout.

Sentences totalled 30 years and 4 months, with directors’ disqualifications totalling 48 years also imposed.

Alistair comments: “ It is really good to have been involved from the very earliest stages of the operation, dating back to the applications for search warrants.  The lead conspirators were deeply devious and dishonest men who put up an elaborate defence designed to fool the jury. My team is left with a sense of satisfaction for a job well done.”

Fiona Jackson is now also dealing with the confiscation on behalf of the SFO.

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