Tax Tribunal Success for Alistair Webster QC

Alistair Webster has just completed the successful challenge to the revocation of approvals to operate a bonded warehouse for a major UK based operator.

The company, Q (anonymised) received, without any advanced notice from HMRC, notices that all of its operating permissions were to be withdrawn.  This news was received on 17th December, 2018, with a direction that no new duty free goods could be accepted from the date of revocation.  The potentially disastrous effects of this on a substantial business will be obvious.  Alistair, leading Michael Firth of Gray’s Inn Tax Chambers and instructed by Sally Hutchings of Morrisons, quickly secured injunctions, enabling business to continue pending an appeal to the FTT.  The case, both in the High Court and the FTT, involved complex issues of EU and domestic law, including issues relating to the Court’s power to grant an injunction ancillary to FTT proceedings.

Following Alistair’s opening, which prompted the disclosure of further material, HMRC abandoned its case and agreed to pay a substantial contribution towards Q’s costs (despite the parties having opted out of the costs regime!).

Sally Hutchings comments: “The combination of Alistair’s forensic skills and Michael’s expertise on tax issues presented the client with a formidable team. They were easy to work with and very effective.”