UK's Role on the Recovery of Assets Stolen by Corruption

TI UK's paper "Closing down the safe havens - ending impunity for corrupt individuals by seizing and recovering their assets in the UK" has been published.

Lead Author Antonio Suarez-Martinez (Edwards Wildman LLP) invited Faisal Osman to contribute. 

Introducing the paper, TI state:

"Corrupt funds that are laundered through the UK represent misery for millions of people. The money has been stolen from health and education budgets, from infrastructure and law enforcement, and many other areas of public spending. This both degrades those services and removes funds that should rightfully be invested in their country of origin.

The stolen funds should be identified, frozen, seized and – with proper safeguards – returned to the rightful owners. This is what the recovery of corruptly-obtained assets aims to achieve.

The purpose of this paper is to describe the blocks in the system that are preventing recovery of the proceeds of grand corruption located in, or routed through, the UK.