Alistair Webster QC and Penny Small's Success in Conspiracy and Money Laundering Defence

Alistair Webster QC and Penny Small have just finished the successful defence of a leading Midlands businessman.

The client had been charged with conspiracy to cheat the Revenue arising out of a pension fraud, together with money laundering. Two co-accused were convicted and each sentenced to 8 1/2 years' imprisonment.

Commenting, Alistair says:

"This was a two month trial in which the co-accused tried to lay the blame at the door of our client. They were both devious and highly educated men, working in the pensions field. It was very satisfying to help to bring to an end a nightmare which had engulfed the client for over 2 years. He had, sensibly, decided that it was worth investing in his own defence, rather than relying upon legal aid. Given the government's announcement today about further legal aid cuts, it is inevitable that individuals of means will choose to avoid the legal aid route, with its ridiculous restrictions and inadequate fees."