Three guilty in Olympic ticket fraud trial

Martin Evans Appeared for the Crown in this successful prosecution.

Verdicts have been returned this week at Southwark Crown Court following a seven week trial. Two defendants were found guilty of a variety of offences for failing to supply tickets to the 2008 Beijing Olympics and summer music events such as the V, Leeds and Reading festivals. Another defendant pleaded guilty before the trial.

They operated through the Xclusive group of companies, receiving over £5 million in payment for the various events but supplied no tickets or refunds. Sentencing will be on 11 July.

Around 2,500 people, from various countries including the UK; Australia; Canada; China; Hong Kong and the USA, are believed not have received over 5,000 tickets for the 2008 Beijing Olympics.  Similarly during that year approximately 2,600 people in the UK did not get their tickets for summer music events, paying approximately £1m for over 5,000 tickets.

Commenting on the verdict, Serious Fraud Office (SFO) Director Richard Alderman said: "Xclusive was a sham that not only cost a lot of people their hard-earned money, but dashed their dreams. I am very pleased that justice has been done. Now we shall do our best to get the money back for the victims."

Terrence Shepherd (d.o.b 29/09/58) of London was convicted yesterday, 5 July, of money laundering and was convicted today of two counts of fraudulent trading and two counts of acting as a company director whilst disqualified.

Alan Scott (d.o.b 17/06/54) of Essex was convicted yesterday, 5 July, of two counts of fraudulent trading.

Allan Schaverien (d.o.b 04/12/43) of Surrey pleaded guilty to aiding and abetting fraudulent trading on 15 April 2011, before the start of the trial.

Margaret Canty-Shepherd (d.o.b 24/10/59) of London was acquitted of money laundering and Cyril Gold (d.o.b 26/09/42) of Middlesex was acquitted of aiding and abetting fraudulent trading today [6 July 2011] by the jury.

Gert van Meel, Terry Shepherd and Alan Scott were also charged with fraud by false representation, contrary to section 1 and 2 of the Fraud Act 2006 in relation to the unauthorised sale of football tickets. HHJ Beddoe directed acquittals on this count on 2 June 2011.