Our Money Laundering Work


It has been more than 20 years since the introduction of the first pieces of legislation intended to combat money laundering.  From its limited beginnings, money laundering litigation has developed rapidly through an ever-widening web of legislation, regulations and guidance, to which the laundering of Terrorist funds and UN Sanctions Compliance have most recently been added.  No doubt, the drive to expand this area of the law will continue unabated.

Members of 33 Chancery Lane have been at the forefront of legal practice in money laundering since the very beginning, advising and representing those affected by the changes as each of them arrived.

Today, we speak regularly at conferences both within the UK and Internationally on all aspects of money laundering practice, procedure and compliance and are recognised as providing a unique range of understanding and experience in the field. We continue to represent and advise all those caught up in (or pursuing) money laundering investigations both in the UK and overseas, bringing strategies and solutions to increasingly complex problems.

Clients seeking transactional advice draw on our knowledge when presented with situations where money laundering issues might be engaged. MLROs (money laundering reporting officers) turn to us in the event that they require a ‘second’ opinion, whether in-house at banks, within professional firms or other lawyers worried about their liabilities.

A significant part of our work involves delivering personalised training and education to many well-known solicitors, accountants and other professionals. We conduct a number of these in-house training events throughout the year, ranging from updates to the experienced, to complete education to those new to it.