Faisal Osman Speaks at Butterworths Anti-Bribery and Corruption Conference

Faisal Osman presented a lecture on 'Asset Recovery Across Borders and International Co-operation' at the 2011 Butterworths Anti-Bribery and Corruption Conference in London today.

As well as dealing with the legal basis for international co-operation, Faisal also invited delegates to consider civil actions and whether clients ought to seek redress for losses sustained by 'external' and 'internal' bribery.

The presentations also touched on issues to do with confiscation, enforcement of orders overseas, the use of the London High Court in determining claims for overseas corrupt acts and cases studies where Foreign States have brought claims here.

Click here: to read the paper and here: to download the a .pdf version of the powerpoint presentation.

Mark Rainsford QC to Speak at DLA Piper Event in Leeds and Sheffield

Mark Rainsford QC will speak alongside Paul Burnley, a partner at DLA Piper, on the implications of the Bribery Act 2010 in Leeds on 19 October 2010 and Sheffield on 21 October 2010.

In introducing the event, DLA Piper say: "In some eyes the Bribery Act 2010 ushers in much needed reform in the UK. Not only is it seen as an important step in fighting bribery and corruption, when enacted in April next year, it will set new requirements for Companies.

The breathing space given by the new Government in delaying the implementation of the Act is for companies to get their house in order. A recent survey conducted by DLA Piper revealed that there are many companies out there that are not fully prepared for the introduction of the Bribery Act, and some who do not yet acknowledge that this legislation is of relevance to the way they do business."

This practical seminar sets out the new requirements expected and how to meet those requirements. In particular it deals with:

  • the new bribery offences
  • corporate hospitality
  • the meaning of adequate procedures
  • prevention being the cure!

Download booking information here:

Our Bribery and Corruption Work

We have an unrivalled knowledge and experience of Bribery and Corruption litigation which extends to this jurisdiction and beyond. We have advised and acted in a number of key cases over the years and have delivered training on the new Bribery Act 2010 to professional and lay clients.

Uniquely, we have advised the SFO and SEC on multi-juridictional plea agreements and confiscation proceedings which may arise from any proved case. The latter is a key consideration for any corporate body considering their position. We are often consulted, because of our asset seizure experience and knowledge, to advise on any potential liability that may arise from any corrupt act; often financial penalties are just one part of a company's overall exposure.

Having acted for the State and knowing what considerations will be in the minds of the Prosecuting agency and being able to give clear advice as to what the likely outcome of any proceedings would be, Chambers' has an unrivalled advantage when it comes to pre-charge, post charge and post-conviciton advice.

Our work speaks for itself and includes:

  • Turks and Caicos Islands - Chambers have been instructed in an allegation of wide-spread corruption involving the sale of Crown land by the former Prime Minister and members of the Cabinet amongst others. The TIC investigation and Prosecution team was set up after a Commission of Inquiry chaired by Sir Robin Auld who recommended suspicion of the constitution, direct control from London and the formation of a specialist independent prosecuting unit after finding systemic mis-governance and loss of accountability.
  • R v Innospec - the prosecution of a UK/US company involved in long-term bribery in Indonesia and Iraq. A key case: it featured joint investigative efforts between the US SEC and the SFO involving plea agreements across the board and high level financial penalties.
  • Maybey and Johnson - bribery of officials in Jamaica, Ghana and Iraq (Oil for Food) resulting in multi-million pound fines.
  • Balfour Beatty - £2.25m civil recovery order in settlement of corrupt practice allegations involving the construction of Bibliotheca Alexandrina in Egypt.
  • Parliamentarians - Advice and representation of a former cabinet minister in a Commonwealth jurisdiction in defence of a corruption allegation.
  • Operation Angel - Representation and advice of a major UK plc with proceedings eventually discontinued.
  • R v Shepherd - (GCHQ)
  • R v Adams - (Plymouth Docks)