Penny Small and Fiona Jackson Deliver Lectures in New York on Mutual Legal Assistance

On Thursday 3rd October in New York, Penny Small and Fiona Jackson spoke as part of the faculty in a programme entitled "Working Together: Litigating in England and Wales" organised jointly by the New York County Lawyers' Association and the Bar Council.  This one-day course covered international civil litigation and arbitration, cross-border investigations and enforcement actions to enable American lawyers to understand the litigation process in England and Wales and how best to utilise the skills of barristers, including through direct access.

Penny's lecture focused on "Obtaining overseas evidence and recovering assets in criminal cases", outlining in particular the various statutory schemes and giving tips to encourage best practice, whilst Fiona's presentation on "UK enforcement actions; cooperation & comparisons" highlighted effective examples of US/UK mutual legal assistance to enable recovery of significant assets for the USA and victims, as well as covering issues currently litigating in UK courts in this important area of law.

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