Alistair Webster QC Reaction to Government Legal Aid Cuts


At the Lib Dem conference this morning ( 18th September ), the Conference overwhelmingly voted in favour of a motion sharply critical of the government's plans savagely to cut legal aid.  Despite opposition from the minister, Lord McNally, the government proposals had little support.

The motion was substantially drafted by Alistair Webster Q.C. who is delighted by the outcome.  He says, " The proposals, although improved from the initial consultation, remain an existential threat to the provision of access to justice for those who need it.  They propose cuts which are simply not sustainable.  I hope that this will make the government think again.  LibDem MPs and Lords will need to make it clear to the government that it must fully take account of party policy."

A link to the motion and relevant material can be found on the Lib Dem Lawyers' website below. 

Alistair's speech can be found here