Stephen Hellman Appointed to sit on CIPFA Disciplinary Panel

Stephen Hellman has been appointed as a lay member to sit on the Disciplinary and Competency Committees of CIPFA, the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy.

The Committees sit in panels of at least five members to hear and determine cases involving members, affiliate members, and associate members of CIPFA, and students registered with CIPFA.

The Disciplinary Committee deals with allegations of misconduct.

The Competency Committee deals with cases of alleged bankruptcy and arrangement or composition with creditors generally, and allegations that a person’s professional competence or efficiency is seriously impaired by reason of physical or mental health.

CIPFA is the world’s only accountancy body to specialise in public services.  Its 14,000 members work throughout the public services, in national audit agencies, in major accountancy firms, and in other bodies where public money needs to be effectively and efficiently managed.

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