Chambers again performs very well in the Legal 500, recommended in Business and regulatory crime (including global investigations), Fraud Crime and in Proceeds of Crime Act and Asset forfeiture.

Individuals are also recommended in these sections as well as Ian Smith in the Civil Fraud section.


The Set

The ‘very approachable’ boutique chambers 33 Chancery Lane is a ‘market leader in the niche of white collar crime’ and ‘certainly leads in POCA and asset forfeiture cases’. ‘The set also excels in high-profile fraud cases and has brilliant silks and juniors straddling both areas’. Practice director Martin Adams is ‘bright, proactive, extremely responsive and good to get on with’. With deputy practice director Chris Chiles and second deputy practice director Oliver Carroll by his side, Adams ‘provides a first-rate service to solicitors’.

Business and regulatory crime (including global investigations)

33 Chancery Lane’s members, alongside the set’s primary reputation for proceeds of crime, handles a range of heavyweight work concerning corruption and interest-rate rigging. Amanda Pinto QC and Christopher Convey represent a former Barclays rate submitter accused by the SFO of manipulating her submissions to the calculation of Euribor.

Andrew Mitchell QC - ‘He has a track record of international corruption cases.

Graham Brodie QC - ‘The intellectual rigour he applies to the task reaps real rewards.

Amanda Pinto QC - ‘Her work includes sensitive bribery advice to major corporates.

Mark Rainsford QC - ‘His practice includes challenging cases with complex Middle Eastern elements.

Keith Mitchell - ‘Extremely personable and strong on pastoral care with the lay client.

Christopher Convey - ‘Industrious and has a fine legal brain – he is particularly strong on his drafting.

Proceeds of Crime Act and asset forfeiture

Undoubtedly number one in this practice area’, 33 Chancery Lanecertainly leads in POCA and asset forfeiture cases’. The set had a large number of members involved on various sides of confiscation proceedings in the wake of the conviction of Ketan Somaia, who was found guilty of various forms of fraud and subjected to a £20.5m confiscation order. The matter went to the Court of Appeal to consider whether confiscation was possible after a privately-prosecuted conviction (Kennedy Talbot QC, Catherine Collins and Ian Smith for the prosecution, Penelope Small for the defendant, and Martin Evans QC, Barry Stancombe and Fiona Jackson for various third parties). In addition, eight members, including some of the aforementioned, have been involved representing parties such as the Serious Fraud Office in multi-jurisdictional litigation concerning Gerald Smith, who was convicted in 2007 of a £35m fraud.

Andrew Mitchell QC - ‘A genius, highly sought after silk.

Graham Brodie QC - ‘He combines meticulous preparation with searing intellect and humour.

Mark Rainsford QC - ‘A very active silk who stands out from the crowd.

Kennedy Talbot QC - ‘Just fabulous: he has an encyclopedic knowledge of the law, and balances it with commerciality.

Martin Evans QC - ‘He appears in POCA proceedings after some of the biggest fraud trials.

Barry Stancombe - ‘He possesses a great knowledge of the law and procedure when it comes to big-time litigation.

Christopher Convey - ‘He is approachable and clients really trust him.

Fiona Jackson - ‘Extremely knowledgeable, and a genuine expert in POCA and asset forfeiture matters.

Ian Smith - ‘Excellent with clients and at providing an overall strategic view.

Penelope Small - ‘In demand for confiscation cases, she is admired by leaders and opponents alike.

Faisal Osman - ‘One of the leading juniors in the field – his input is invaluable.

Fraud: crime

Best known for its confiscation prowess, 33 Chancery Lane also handles a range of fraud cases, including Ponzi schemes, boiler rooms and money laundering, including pre-charge advice. Andrew Mitchell QC continues to act for the prosecution in the corruption and fraud trial of large swathes of the Turks and Caicos Island elite, while Faisal Osman was instructed as junior for the first defendant in Operation Amazon.

Andrew Mitchell QC - ‘Instructed in sensitive offshore cases.

Amanda Pinto QC - ‘Hugely experienced, immensely clever, collegiate, hardworking and cerebral.

Graham Brodie QC - ‘A brilliant lawyer with a brilliant analytical mind.

Faisal Osman - ‘An exceptional junior in the financial crime field.

Keith Mitchell - ‘His biggest strengths are his advocacy and pastoral care of clients.

Fraud: civil

Ian Smith - ‘Never underprepared – commercial and client focused.

Law Commission Symposium on POCA - Kennedy Talbot QC to Chair & Martin Evans QC on panel.

In 2017, the Law Commission agreed with the Home Office to review and make proposals for reform of limited aspects of the anti-money laundering regime in Part 7 of the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 and of the counter-terrorism financing regime in Part 3 of the Terrorism Act 2000. This followed a discussion of ideas for inclusion in the Law Commission’s 13th Programme of Reform. The primary purpose of the review is to improve the prevention, detection and prosecution of money laundering and terrorism financing in the United-Kingdom.

The review will cover the reporting of suspicious activity in order to seek a defence against money laundering or terrorist financing offences in relation to both regimes. Specifically, the review will focus on the consent provisions in sections 327 to 329 and sections 335, 336 and 338 of the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002, and in sections 21 to 21ZC of the Terrorism Act 2000.

The review will also consider the interaction of the consent provisions with the disclosure offences in sections 330 to 333A of the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 and sections 19, 21A and 21D of the Terrorism Act 2000.

Please contact the Practice Directors if you would like to find out more or instruct Kennedy or Martin 

Corporate Governance Conference 2018: Getting it right in time of change

Martin Evans QC will be speaking at the 2018 Corporate Governance Conference on the 26th June.

"Theresa May stood on the doorstep of 10 Downing Street on her first day as Prime Minister, she announced that she wanted big businesses to be held to account: the latest corporate governance proposals seek to reform executive pay, strengthen the employee, customer and supplier voice, and tackle the corporate governance of large privately-held businesses. These proposals are in the process of being implemented including a ‘shorter and sharper’ Code of Corporate Governance being finalised by the Financial Reporting Council for 2019."

The conference brings together experts, academics and practitioners to provide practical insight into the key corporate governance events for 2018.

The conference will help delegates to:

• Identify trends and developments in corporate governance.

• Understand the interplay between governance and corporate success – and what to do when things go wrong.

• Share the highs and lows of a range of GDPR compliance projects.

• Get up to speed on new reporting obligations, including gender pay gap.

• Hear the latest on government-proposed corporate governance reform.

• Get the lowdown on corporate crime, including the offence of failure to prevent the facilitation of tax evasion.

Martin Evans QC is speaking on the subject of:

Trends in corporate crime

"From the introduction of Deferred Prosecution Agreements in 2014 to the new corporate crime of ‘failure to prevent the facilitation of tax evasion’ introduced last year, much has changed in the world of corporate crime in recent years. The focus is on companies putting in place adequate policies, procedures and processes to avail themselves of a defence. This session will consider the latest trends, including:

•Whither ‘directing mind and will’?

•What is a ‘failure to prevent’ offence? What does it mean?

•Deferred Prosecution Agreements

•Investigations, documents and privilege

•Litigation Privilege over documents prepared as part of an internal investigation: the Bilta and ENRC decisions considered

•Privilege against self-incrimination and pre-existing material: River East"

See for the full conference schedule and booking details.