We are a niche set of Chambers with a leading reputation in civil and criminal asset recovery and financial wrongdoing. Our work is a mix of onshore and offshore advice and litigation, across almost all common law jurisdictions with vast experience in the Caribbean and India in particular.

Civil Fraud


Our Work

Commercial Litigation - Complex commercial and financial wrongdoing disputes.

Urgent Relief  and Interlocutory Remedies  - Including worldwide freezing and disclosure. 

Enforcement - Foreign judgments, arbitral awards and advice on overseas recovery.

Tax Liability Settlements - Civil settlements in lieu of criminal prosecution for tax avoidance. 

Trust Disputes

Sample Cases

Various - Acting for corporates, multi-nationals and foreign ruling families in ongoing civil litigation.

Caribbean Oil Company -  Action against a bank authorising fund clearances following a hostile takeover by ousted directors.

Receivers of a Cayman Island Segregated Portfolio Company - Unlawful means conspiracy, breach of contract and dishonest assistance of £100m

HMRC v Sunico A/S and others - Allegations of participation in Europen-wide unlawful means conspiracy.