We are a niche set of Chambers with a leading reputation in civil and criminal asset recovery and financial wrongdoing. Our work is a mix of onshore and offshore advice and litigation, across almost all common law jurisdictions with vast experience in the Caribbean and India in particular.

Corporate Investigations

Our Work

Internal Conduct  - Advising investigative bodies, individuals and corporate entities in national and international investigations.

Investigatory Powers - Review of search,  seizure, production and other intrusions including urgent injunctions.

Disclosure - Advising financial institutions and others on making protected and authorised disclosures to regulatory bodies.

HMRC/FCA/SFO Investigations - Appointment as independent counsel in internal investigations by victim companies.

Legal Professional Privilege – Acting as independent counsel in LPP reviews.

Sample Cases

SFO Investigations - Glaxo, Airbus, Tesco, UNAOIL, Barclays and many others.

R (on the application of El-Kurd) v Winchester Crown Court - Power of Crown Court to order retention of material seized pursuant to unlawful search warrant.

LPP - Acting as independent counsel in major SFO and Metropolitan Police Operations.

S Limited - Investigation into suspected breaches of the UN Oil for Food Programme.

EU Technology Company -Advice on corrupt misfeasance by company officer and strategy in French employment claim.

A Healthcare Company  - Advice on money laundering and corruption liabilities and reporting from contract kick-backs.